in followup to my post a few days ago regarding Steve Pavlina’s time estimating system:

I am still in the process of doing my web updates, and since my original list of 11.5 hours has grown to about 15 hours (estimated)-  I’ll be happy to just get through them at all.

I did experiment with time estimates for sewing work, and found my ‘fudge factor’ is actually a 0.93 (meaning-  I estimate more time than the work actually takes.)

however, sewing is somewhat different than web-work, for me at least.  I’m still on a steeper learning curve while building, implementing, or updating websites.  Sewing and pattern-making have more repetitive tasks, and when working on simpler pieces, can be quite accurately estimated, I’ve found.

(I gave up on the idea of having a live integration of tumblr and wordpress.  perhaps some genius out there has put one together, but I couldn’t find published directions and resorted to exporting my tumblr rss and importing it to word-press.  So sad to see you go, tumblr!)

Posted by:Brook DeLorme