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Happy Holidays from brook there!

Need any ideas for your holiday gift-giving?  Look to the brook there team for your inspiration!  Just in time for the Holiday Season, we’ve put together a list of our must-have items.  Our Staff Picks: Holiday 2008 list will help anyone in search of the perfect gift!

Don’t forget to treat yourself for being so good this year, our list will certainly have an idea or two for yourself.  Go ahead, you deserve it!

Brook’s Favorite


blue dress Designer, Brook DeLorme

Waist Dress in Lavender

“Not only is the design of this dress quite flattering, the bamboo makes for an extremely soft feel.”

Anna’s Favorite


blue dress
Fashion Design Assistant, Anna Ray

Long-sleeve Waist Dress in Pink

“I love this dress because of its comfortable material, yet chic look.  You can wear it casually or dress it up a bit. It’s fun and quirky- that’s just what I love!”

Kenny’s Favorite


blue dress Kenny Mazige, Model

Men’s Organic Cotton Jacket in Stone

“I love this jacket’s high collar, as it keeps my neck warm and toasty, without the need of a cumbersome scarf.”

Tyler’s Favorite


Tyler Briggs, Director of Sales

Tube Shirt in Pink

“Besides this unreal color, and the fact that Anna and Brook created this from start to finish before I even finished my morning coffee at the studio, the Tube Shirt is one of the most comfortable tops.  The material, combined with the thumbholes, make this top so luxurious, chic and ready to wear anywhere.”

Meredith’s Favorite


Meredith Perdue, Publicist

Button Neck Shirt in Slate &  Quilted Skirt in Deep Plum

“Together, the Button Neck Shirt and the Quilted Skirt, is an unbeatable pair- perfect for a variety of situations.  With the shirt half-way buttoned, you feel laid-back and comfortable.  Adding the skirt dresses it up a bit, and you’re instantly ready to start your day with a sense of stylish confidence.”

Brook’s (other) Favorite


blue dressDesigner, Brook DeLorme

Bra and Panties in sea & black

“Simply put, the newly-launched underwear line is sweet and colorful.  Plus the pieces are super comfy!”

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