Over the past two months, I’ve started to notice some significant energy gains, which I’ll attribute to the raw diet since little else has changed- and most of my calories come from raw sugars and saturated fat!

Eating 99-100% raw for 8 months now, I’ve felt great, but for the first few months didn’t really feel different physically.  Currently though, I find that if I don’t travel by foot 8 miles per day or more, I’m almost agitated by the unexpended energy. This typically is split between 2-4 miles of walking to and from the office, and 6 miles of running outside.  My yoga and weight lifting have slacked off. :)

I would point out this is different from a compulsion to exercise, which I recognize well and is a different feeling.  There is no sense of pushing myself to go run now, or a sense of ‘ought to.’

I suspect that over 60% of the calories I consume every day come from  dates, honey, and coconut butter.  The first two items are dense sugars, and the latter is primarily saturated fat. I eat more than the RDA of saturated fat a day, all in the form of coconut butter.  Otherwise, I eat greens, vegetables, apples & bananas, and flax seed or chia seed.  Very few nuts or other oils.

This morning was an ice storm in Portland-  I wish I had taken some pictures-  and this afternoon I went for a run as usual-  going 10.5 miles, my furthest ever, without the slightest sense of pushing myself.  One hill had to be walked, due to the ice, but otherwise was continuous running.

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