Recently started reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson.  Stephenson is one of my favorite authors of all time, and I’m not sure how I didn’t get around to picking up this book till now (probably because I believe in judging a book by its cover, and this one is now heavily in paperback edition with an obscure symbol on a black background.)

(aside: you’ve gotta love Stephenson’s description of why his website is not pretty.)

Anyway, Cryptonomicon is exactly what I was looking for a couple weeks ago when stranded at the airport, relegated to reading an intensely depressing Philip Roth novel because it was the only brand-name author available in the STL airport bookstore/ DVD store.

I’m in the mood for books that fit these criteria:

  • fast
  • escapist
  • not of the “romantic comedy” variety
  • smart
  • technology-oriented
  • contemporary
  • fictional
  • no torture scenes.

suggestions welcome ;)

somehow, searching for information about Stephenson led me to this interesting art piece by Timothy Hutchings:  the war game is set up by gallery visitors.  how fun.


almost makes me miss art school…


as far as resolutions go, I use my blog to track what I intended last year (god forbid I have to remember this stuff.)  Here was the list I made last Christmas (old blog).

Here’s how I did:

1. switched to imac and macbook pro.  No longer have a PC desktop, still have a dell laptop for work.

2. save money.  I think I spend less: eating raw means hardly ever eating out.  My personal expenses run (all inclusive, house, car, food, etc) ~$1500 per month, unless I travel for fun (rare). I tracked all personal expenses for a few months to figure this out.

3. my vacation was a disaster as far as relaxation goes ;)  it happened in July, and my goal was to have my place painted at the same time. This meant I spent a lot of time moving furniture and the rest at my parents house.  The paint job looks beautiful though.

I promise, for 2009 I’ll pick a few resolutions that are more challenging.  08 choices were pretty pathetic in my opinion, though I did get a lot of stuff done this year beyond them.

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