I make resolutions every year and forget them fairly promptly.  additionally, they tend to be pretty easy.

this year is probably no exception, though I’ve increased the quantity from 2008…the biggest challenge is that the most important resolutions are difficult to measure.


1. run 26 miles
I’m not actually interested in running in a marathon, would just like to be able to run that far.  this, despite sounding challenging, is not one I actually expect to be difficult.  Running 11 miles has felt barely more difficult than running 5.5…so my plan is to just keep adding mileage every week, and by summer be running 26 miles.  Additionally, it’s quite a convenient distance- exactly the roundtrip between my home and the yarmouth office.

2.better balance my time between my two main jobs
There is no good way to metric this.

3. get better at photography. spend more time on fashion shoots-  try to tell more of a story through pictures

4. take a vacation for a week or more
my idea of an ideal vacation is doing nothing…just staying home and reading the news every day or reading a bunch of fiction.  It seems though that if you stay at home for vacation it’s much too easy to work.

5. go to Berlin

6.continue reading a course in miracles
anyone who’s had a conversation about spirituality with me in the past few months…this has been the eastern/western thought system I referenced.

7. attend a german conversation group in portland-  start learning again.
I already started the conversation group–  since it turned out there wasn’t yet one on meetup.com.  When I was 22 I tried to learn german from audio cds and faust, with moderately good results, but once I gave up the activity in favor of work, my ability to speak it disappeared.  strangely, I can still sort of understand it.  I will be the silent one at the conversation group’s first meetup tomorrow,

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