I’ve bought a ticket to Berlin in April.  It’s one-way, because until I’m fluent, I’m not coming home. :)

We’ll still keep working at brook there.  Anna and I will chat every day through video conference, and I’ll work on patterns, samples, and the website from Germany. Anna will also work on samples and fulfilling orders.

Sewing on a small scale is actually a decent traveling companion, if you’ll be in one location for a month or more.  My non-industrial sewing machines are all very cheap-  I’d recommend to anyone looking to start out to buy the lowest cost, least electronic machine available. So I’ll plan to buy a sub $100 machine in Berlin, a few rulers, pencils, pens, and a roll of paper and muslin.  Some scissors and thread.  That’s it- the total cost will be less than $150 to have a working studio overseas.

Besides flights, the first thing I researched in Berlin was raw food.  La Mano Verde, according to reviews, serves both raw and vegan food-  indicating there is enough of a health conscious community to support it.  (Though there ought to be, Berlin being a city of 3.4 million people.)

For language learning, we’ve been having a great time at the German Conversation Group. We actually meet weekly, which is unusual for a meetup group.

Through itunes, I found this excellent podcast series for learning German: German-podcast.de It uses a similar listen/repeat format that the pimsler series uses, and is free, as opposed to $300+.

Ultralingua makes a cool piece of software which allows you to translate unknown foreign language words on a webpage with one key command. It helps with my stumbling through the morgenpost.de fashion and lifestyle pages.

Once in Berlin, I’ll find an apartment and language school. & hopefully some patient friends.

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  1. Hello Brookie,

    Wow! That’s great! You’ll probably need to plan on AT LEAST 6 months to a year. But you can come home for an occasional visit, right?



  2. Hi Mom:)
    keyword::: “conversationally” fluent. Not totally fluent. I think 6 weeks is doable! I plan to take classes for four hours a day. And from now on, you, Anna, and Jeremiah will have to ONLY speak to me in German. (jk, that would be miserable.)


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