how many people believe that in the second largest city in europe, a vegan will be able to find something other than potatoes and nutella to eat?  well, apparently nobody I know, having had five people this week tell me it’s going to be starches and refined sugar or nothing.

that’s right. Berlin has 3.5 million residents, making it 2nd largest after London’s 7 million.  It’s described as extremely clean, modern, and efficient.

I am determined to believe that a city of that size has grocery stores that sell organic fruits and vegetables. but, please correct me if I am truly mistaken. Because there is this little thing called customs that is going to prevent me from packing fruits and veg for the month(s) in my suitcase.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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  1. you won’t have that much trouble! i lived in dusseldorf for a while and relied on a great organic grocery (it was called bio) and a variety of little restaurants. If I could do it in stuffy dusseldorf, in berlin you should have tons of options!

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