It’s amazing how many people do stop into the studio, wondering if we sell the designs there.  The space is just a workplace, and we don’t carry inventory.  From the street you can see in clearly, and see that practically every inch is used for equipment and fabric storage.  Sometimes I am walking in and think, “geez…maybe I should clean up our storage systems and present a more professional face to the city.”  but really, our best face is the website, which is how the business plan was originally put together.

for the past six months I’ve had this little, handwritten sign on some stiff paper in the window.  I figured someone or something would show up at some point and compel me to change that.

Anna and I sit by the big front windows, sewing and overlooking Congress St, so inevitably, we talk about the regular passers-by. Their style, their emotional radiation, their dogs. We’ve been planning another photoshoot with both men’s and women’s clothing, and the craigslist ads were turning up nothing in the way of eccentric, high-fashion men.  Anna suggested we flag down this tall, moody-looking man who walks by at random times of the day, often carrying random pieces of furniture, and ask him.

a day or two later we see him and do so. he sits and chats with us about life for a couple hours (sewing is conducive to talking.)  a few days later he calls me up and says “you know, I could make you a sign, have all the tools in front of me…even before we met, I used to walk by and notice your cardboard sign and think to myself ‘i should just make this woman a sign and leave it for her.’ ”

I tell him that I’ve been waiting for someone to show up and offer to make a sign, and that would be wonderful.

so the sign got installed last night, and looks even better when lit from the side.  I’m thinking of springing for some really nice little pointer lights.

Young says he’s not yet going into the sign business (this was his first!) but you can look for him in our next photoshoot, which should be up in a couple weeks.

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