I love the internet.  I love technology, and computers, and I have a number of the latter (5 i think?  yeeesss. 3 macs, one dell laptop, and one asus eee laptop that is technically my dad’s and I reacquired).

Since high-speed internet reached my house, I’ve spent a couple hours every day online, at least.  for a number of reasons, it seemed like a good time to break that habit.

of course, I tend to be a masochist and enjoy mentally or physically uncomfortable things. like giving up sugar, or cooked foods, or coffee…or running for a couple hours…or turning off the internet.

it wasn’t actually that hard.  I thought I’d probably have to remove the cable modem from my house, but it’s been easier to just pretend that the social and recreational side of the internet doesn’t exist any more.  here is what is permitted:

  • email (which is primarily business)
  • pandora
  • responding to facebook requests/comments via my blackberry interface, which is hardly entertaining or interactive
  • any sites that are exclusively in german, + google translate, etc
  • writing on my blog
  • sending sms to twitter & reviewing @replies on twitter via the search function
  • my site analytics, adwords, etc

basically, anything that’s not fun, isn’t going to engage my attention over-much, or has to do with work.

it’s been 3.5 days.

I guess I’ll go read some german aloud to myself now.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme