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  1. Love your designs. How ’bout submitting some pictures to Mrs. Obama?

    Recommend very highly the Pergamon Museum in Berlin on “Museum Island” near Unter den Linden. Nothing like it in the U.S.

    Good luck!

  2. Hello Brook
    SERENDIPITY in solid caps! I have a stack of old Threads magazines (thrift store finds) and browse them now and then. Came across the issue with the letters to the editor over the article on you several years ago – did not have the issue with the article – but was intrigued enough to copy out your name and put it by computer to Google. Well – this led to the update and more comments and your web site. Pleased to ‘meet’ you. The moveable studio resonates: carries over into the work and the psyche. The ‘having fun’ yet ‘seriously expressing’ also.
    Now, can you advise me on a quest of many years – I have a dress design that may be a complete original – searches in ethnic books, historical, costumes, weaving etc. has not come up with anything exactly the same and I would like to know ‘for the record’ – ie, my own satisfaction. Any suggestions?
    All best in your continuing to ‘play with fibre’.

  3. hello Karen- always pleased to hear about serendipitous occurrences…:)

    I’m not quite sure what you mean with reference to your original dress design. Are you trying to find out if your pattern is completely novel? and to what end- are you seeking some type of intellectual property protection?

  4. Hi Brook It’s process more than pattern – it evolves according to the size of piece of material used and the specific dimension of the first fold dependent upon the width of the individual – lord, sounds complicated but is simple; I’d like to have it ‘seen’ and be acknowledged as the one who came up with it. Show and tell, I guess, more than any idea of “protection”.

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