My favorite hat for a long time was a leopard print polar-fleece number from Old Navy, but, as is my wont, I lose hats like crazy, regardless of whether they are expensive or cheap. When the leopard one went missing a week ago, I made this new one.  It’s made of organic wool jersey and lined with silk, thus quite warm.

Many people avoid mixing knits with wovens as a sewing technique, but I combine them frequently and appreciate both the aesthetic and structural effects.

The hat pattern is a downloadable PDF here.  Measurements are noted in case your print resizes slightly.

1. cut 5 of the arc-shaped pieces in both the exterior and liner.  Sew or serge them together into the cap of the hat.

2. sew the brim into a circle by joining the ends, and the pin the right side of the brim to the inside of the hat base, so that the brim is fully inside the hat. sew the edge seam.

3. turn the brim outside, folding under the raw edge and top-stitching it to the outside of the hat.

4. make the pom pom from strips of material about 4″ in length, wrapping them first with thread at the center, and then stitching with the sewing machine to the top of the hat. Just stitch through the top of the pompom and backstitch a couple times.

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