I’ve been west for a couple days, and had free time yesterday in between work and travel.  Last time I was in this part of the country was over ten years ago, when I drove to Las Vegas to go rock climbing.  Right now I’m in Palm Springs, which my brother called “the high desert”….and I think I’m in love :)

the openness, the ruggedness, and the warm days and cool nights.  I’ve reassessed my plan to spend a couple months in Deutschland in favor of a road trip back here.

My favorite thing about plans and resolutions is to see how they change.

It wasn’t a new year’s resolution to either learn German or to spend a couple months there, but it was a strong plan that formed early this year.  The learning German part has been great-  about three months in, I can understand almost everything that goes on at German Conversation Group (where a number of people are fluent or German)…I write 3 or so pages in it every morning, Anna and I speak deutsch throughout the workday, and I’m reading Harry Potter and Siddartha in German (the former is much more difficult…surprisingly.)   However…

Being in this desert environment has seriously re-formed my interests and desires.  I’d rather spend a month camping here than in a large European city. Additionally, it will be easier to continue my ‘jobs’ from within the US with a 3 hour time difference…

Joshua Tree…..

Something about the space here leads me to be less afraid, more willing to try things that I find uncomfortable (like camping) because being outside here feels_so_good_____.

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  1. Hi Brook!

    Noah and I are both tickled that you’re enjoying “the high desert.” Here are some recommendations to spark your desert adventure planning:

    +If you wanted to kick things off you could start with a bang at Coachella in Indio, CA (not far from PS) in mid-April: http://www.coachella.com/ Massive polo field/Palm oassis in the desert=Surreal music venue (especially with the LA crowd) and mash-up of music

    +A great book for American travel (with a lot of stimulating thoughts on the desert): “AMERICA” by Baudrillard.

    +Strange geography: The Salton Sea, the biggest rest stop on the “Pacific Flyway”. Arguably the most important geographic feature in the country for migrating birds. There’s an interesting little documentary about the birds and the decaying evidence of lost recreational towns all along the edge. Suffice to say it’s fast becoming a natural disaster (as so many bodies of water area).

    +And plenty more inspiration from the Center for Land Use Interpretation’s database (Noah mentioned it). Necessary resource for all road trips! Just discovered Eartha is on there ; ) http://ludb.clui.org/

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