this was an experiment last week, and it turned out delicious. I haven’t had chipotle kimchee before.

  • napa cabbage
  • regular cabbage
  • carrots
  • green onions
  • daikon
  • ginger
  • dried chipotle pepper
  • sesame oil
  • sea salt

crush up the chipotle and drizzle with sesame oil in a small bowl.  set aside.

chop, slice, & chiffonade the other ingredients and mix in a large bowl.  sprinkle liberally with salt, and then massage with clean hands until the cabbage juices are spread all throughout.  drain liquids. let sit on counter for a couple hours…drain again. add the chipotle-oil mix. put into jars, pack tightly.

ideally, store at about 50 degrees F for a week, however, they can be put in fridge and will still come out tasty.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme