suffice to say, the desert won out. right now, it’s still a plan in formulation, requiring the receipt of one driver’s license by my traveling partner in crime, the acquisition of a new sleeping bag, the fixing of one tent (lucky i can sew), and maybe the finding of a slightly larger vehicle than my mini, tiny, Mini.

background: in winter, I bought a ticket to Berlin with the objective of learning German and hanging out in Europe for a couple months.  As the date approached, it seemed less and less interesting.  I’d still like to go, but think it might be more of a ‘fall’ activity than a spring one.

Same time as the interest waned, I had that business trip to Palm Springs, and a chance to visit Joshua Tree on a day off.  The energy of the place was magical.  Last time I took a road trip cross-country was 11 years ago; it’s high time for another one.

lesson learned.  non attachment to plan-making.  wasn’t a tough lesson though.

future updates coming here soon:  German language acquisition progress & one year raw.

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  1. hi. so glad that i got to meet you at the photo studio grand opening. brooke, i am so proud of you and all you do. i am also very happy that mere has made a friend in you. you are welcome in north carolina any time as well…
    will you receive this??? i hope so. will try to write you other ways as well.

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