for the past year I’ve eaten almost exclusively raw foods, as I’ve mentioned a number of times on this site.  Yesterday was exactly one year, and I’m giving some of my new observation.
(the deviation to the ‘almost exclusively’ statement tends to be occasional cooked vegetables & olives)

Much of the reason eating raw works for me is that it ‘feels safe.’  It’s the only way I’ve ever eaten that felt natural, healthy, and caused little worry.

exercise: over the past year I’ve swung between my highest ever exercise levels (running up to 15 miles at a time, in the middle of the Maine winter) to lowest ever (my current mode-  for the past two months I’ve done little more than walk around Portland as transportation.  I’d guess I’ve done yoga 4-5 times in the past few months.)

here’s what’s really nice-  eating raw food has kept my weight stable and body size the same during both modes of activity.  My energy levels also remain the same.

Now that we are here in the desert, there might be a little more hiking and activity going on, which will be nice.  I’ve been missing the exercise a little-  but am finding it freeing to not worry about it.  For the past 14 years or so I’ve never gone so long without moderate or strenuous exercise at least once a week.

coffee: I had coffee once, two months ago.  When I started eating raw, soy lattes were the only cooked food that I really missed, so, in the spirit of living dangerously, decided to have an arabica latte with a new friend and see what it was like.

the experience turned me off the substance, because I was constantly thirsty for the next 18 hours. And I only drank about 6 ounces.

eating out: If you live in a small town and eat raw, most of the food you consume is self-prepared out of necessity, or in it’s natural state (whole fruits and vegetables.)

eating raw is often paired with eating simpler and eating organic, and this can have the effect of eating-out becoming unpalatable. Even the Whole Foods salad bar, typically filled with non-organic foods- is something I’m careful about, because eating from it tends to make me feel not-so-good.

When I travel, I pack all my own food and only buy fresh fruit enroute, preferably types where the skin is not eaten (bananas, oranges).  Once in a location, I try to find the local whole foods or health food store and buy the same foods I’d eat at home.  It’s not the most flexible mode of eating…the point is that while one can go to almost any restaurant and order a raw salad, eating a plate full of non-organic, not-so-fresh veggies is quite different.  Really ‘nice’ restaurants tend to be better, since they already are buying fresh ingredients and will use extra-virgin cold pressed oils.

restaurants: I really enjoy finding the local raw restaurant in the bigger cities I travel to.  & Portland has it’s own new raw restaurant-  GRO (GrassRoots Organics)–  which has a great selection of sushi, salads, and chcolates.  I really like the collard wraps.
Last night we checked out Go Raw Cafe on the west side of Vegas-  they did a really good job with the smoothies (no ice, just how I like them)  and got an amazing slice of pie.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme