Our travel cross-country was extra long, due to delays at JFK, and the second day in Las Vegas I came down with a mild cold. It was gone within 24 hours.
I had bunches of Emergen-C packets mixed with cayenne and turmeric and water, some raw mesquite honey we purchased in a tiny dusty desert town between Vegas and Flagstaff, and green goop  (no photo required.)
to make the goop-  take vitamineral green and flax seeds, mix with just enough water to make a mud-like consistency, and wait 30 minutes.  This stuff only tastes good when you are really hungry or really sick.  But I think it probably contributed to getting better sooner.

The next camping experiment was raw granola, using the prius as a dehydrator in the arizona sun.  Soaked pepitas, sunflower seeds, pecans, and flax seed over night, in just enough water to cover them, not enough to need to drain out the next day.  After soaking, mixed in a bunch of the honey, some coconut, and raisens.  Find an old cardboard box, cut out the bottom, cover with aluminum foil, and set on the dashboard with the windows cracked while hiking for a few hours.  yummy.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme