with a vietnamese twist.

makes 2 servings.

3″ carrot, chopped
olive oil…perhaps 1/4 cup
nama shoyu…perhaps 1/8 cup
bragg’s…..1/8th cup
coriander…1 tsp
anise…1 tsp
cinnamon…one half stick
tamarind….1/8 teaspoon if it’s the dense goopy kind
chile pepper (red)
lime juice- 1/2 lime
water….3 cups
leek ….about 1/2 inch slice

blend all in high speed blender until frothy and slightly warm. My favorite soup filling is sheets of nori, torn into small squares, or cucumber, spiralized into noodles. trim with fresh basil and cilantro. I’ve been eating this soup almost every day.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme