I’ve been playing with the idea of offering free sewing lessons.  Or, not really lessons.  More like-  bring your own machine, and your own project, and I’ll help you understand how to approach the problem and deal with issues you may encounter.

It seems there would be an interest in something like that.  We’ve been talking about a “sewing day” at Space on Congress, and I frequently get asked about how to learn to sew.

The thing is, sewing is one of those things that hasn’t been very automated yet.  Most clothing, while factory produced, is still sewn, piece by piece by human operators.  Granted, factory sewing is much faster, but this is primarily through repetitive tasking.

Of course, it makes sense there is a present interest in sewing.  Making your own clothes (or buying from goodwill/salvation army) is one of those things you can do to decrease your environmental impact, and the cost of getting started is really low.  (Most people already have a sewing machine, it seems.  Also, if you are thinking of buying one, either go really cheap-  $100 or so, and completely non-electronic-  or go for an industrial, which are ~$900 with shipping, big, bulky, and heavy, but like driving a ferrari comparatively.  Not that I know what driving a ferrari is like. but I LOOOOOVVVEEE my industrial machines)

Additionally, self-made clothes are creative and individualistic.

so…I’m still waiting for the right sewing-lessons opportunity to present itself, but consider this post ‘seeking it out.’

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  1. Yes! Brook! It’s on! Talked to SPACE about a CraftWork day- most likely will be in October and November. . . And I got a rug-hooking setup from my mom!

  2. hey brook! i REALLY want to join your sewing group. i’m buying fabric tomorrow for a project i’ll probably need help with, and in return i can offer german lessons/practice. let me know when you get back from washington!

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