in my quest for more protein, and to no longer spend $2 apiece on the commercial version which is too sweet:


neglet dates





sesame seeds (both whole and ground)

ground oat groats

ground chia seeds

nutritional yeast

blend dates, cashews, and water in blender until smooth and thick.  Add other ingredients by hand, grinding seeds and oat groats to flour in a coffee grinder.  The mixture should be thick and sticky.  dehydrate on wax paper, flipping after a few hours, removing paper, slicing and separating pieces so they dry faster.  Use your best judgment as to quantities, in order to achieve a mixture that is the correct consistency.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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  1. it’s a little hard to say! they are chewy, and sweet, but not very…spirulina has a neutral flavor, but I’m not really sure what to compare it too…

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