it’s been spring cleaning in august at home, inspired by some friends of mine who, at the same age as I am, actually manage to live like adults, in houses with real furniture, lacking clutter.  I mean, who needs a dozen pairs of scissors and a five year supply of scotch tape?  (me, apparently.) I’m ok with sleeping on a futon on the floor, but can do without the fabric scrap I put up with thumbtacks as a curtain, and the cheap self-assembled furniture that’s now falling apart… It’s good timing anyway:  now that I’ve leased the space on wharf street for my studio/store, I can move all the sewing supplies still residing at home to wharf street.

last week I finally arranged my house to hopefully, have less electrical pollution:  removed the wifi, cordless phone, CFL bulbs.  I started charging my cellphone and laptops away from where I sleep.  hoping this will lead to better rest.  we’ll see.

during the spring cleaning, I found this old datebook.  It’s so beautiful.  Makes me nostalgic for the paper days.

I’ve almost run out of my beloved moo cards, and resorted to some handmade ones at the shop today.  More moo cards coming on tuesday.

I meant to add this photo last week, before the clothing racks were put together. Many thanks to Mark for explaining this technique. It was fun buying the pieces as well:  many of the folks working in home depot seem to be retired from related professions, and the older man who was cutting these to length for me was insistent that I was going to need specialized tools to assemble. I tried to explain that I didn’t need them to be either watertight or support much weight, but to no avail.  Turns out they are really easy to put together, with another person’s help (leverage.)  thank you, Kevin. I’m glad all my friends like merchandising.  It’s the sort of thing I don’t really think about.

I’m really loving the combined studio/ shop experience.  Last time I worked retail I was 18, and it was at a chain clothing store in the mall.  it was awful, I left after two months.  pushy sales has never been my thing.  but working on wharf street is so lovely-  people who come in are amazing, supportive, and friendly.  plus, I can sort of do whatever I would normally do…internet surf, blog, write, drink coffee, sew, talk to friends, draw…perfect job.

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