since Mondays are the day before my mid-week weekend (i.e. my friday) –  it seems apropos to do a weekly wrap-up-  things sewn, designed, and discovered…

by the way…  I am finding that mid-week weekends are not very restful, because other people like to schedule meetings ;-)  and I’m inclined to go into the studio and make stuff anyway.


this week was focused on getting more inventory in the store, designing gift cards (coming soon), making new shopping bags, and updating the website.

now, when I write “getting more inventory in the store”  that means-  I cut and sew a pile of things. :)

it was mostly black items, with a few red-  added many XS sizes as well.  on the left of the photo-  new leggings!  my favorite garment these cold days.  I wear them day and night-  under skirts and to sleep in.

other favorite-  the wool tubeshirts.  see the new gray XS in the center of the photo?  I wear my wool tubeshirts almost everyday.  warm, functional, flattering.


the open sign below inspired the new shopping bags- which are, yes, all individually painted. but it’s enjoyable, meditative work, and something I’ll probably replace with printing…maybe.  it was thanks to Kevin’s persistent vision that these got painted at all :-)

beyond the physical objects (my favorite, as I need to do handwork to feel sane)- I did website updates (still ongoing.) the online store is back, and mens items can be ordered through the website..


I read a lot of personal development blogs, as I’ve mentioned before, and like the exercise of mentally generating an “ideal place”, a sanctuary of sorts.  mine is, ironically and surprising even to me, filled with sewing machines.  It’s a beautiful ocean-facing semi-open house, with a large selection of industrial machines and mannequins…button hole machines, zigzag machines, different types of overlocks…basically, if I wanted to own a few tons of machines, they’d all be in this ideal environment.  Plus, dressforms of all sizes, male ones too and the ones with legs.  A little sitting area with an ever-changing array of couches, chairs, and small tables.  tea and coffee.

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  1. i would like to schedule a mid week meeting with you. coffee and chats. :) want to see your space and what you have been working on. when are you free? cheers-t.

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