yes, that’s been the lesson the week. stability, and how much more productive I am when it’s around.

of course, it’s a state of mind. my life is stable- I live in small, peaceful city in a lovely home and go to work and walk around and buy organic food. but sometimes it feels unstable when I lose perspective.

and then, the best I can do is romanticize the feeling. I read this article in the wsj last week called “In Praise of the Crack-Up” (gatekept, sorry.)  but the premise is familiar:  many creative people are not happy, or swing wildly between elation and despair.

I don’t work particularly well at either end of the spectrum, and if I did I’d probably seek it out.  I’m productive when the emotional life is in the neutral realm, or fourth gear and humming at 55 mph.

here’s what helps-  friends who reassure me that everything is ok and I’m handling things phenomenally.  from the internal perspective, I see days and months frittered away to my moods…but monday being one of those days, i called up a friend who tells me “you seem so calm, like I’d never know anything was wrong.”

it cheered me up.

sometimes just an outside reality adjustment is all we need.

ok, on to the week.  yes, this posting is two days late, because I frittered away sunday and monday.


I was mostly filling orders this past week…nothing of new novelty except the purple leopard spotted paws I made for a little girl at the Space Costume Clinic on sunday. which came out adorably.

looking forward to seeing “where the wild things are”-  as everyone is, I guess.


The weather, per Maine typisch, has been all over the place. It snowed. It was 62 degrees. In the space of 48 hours.
But, I’m recognizing the need for a winter coat and some nice wool gloves- both of which I want to make, just need to carve out a little availability on the time/space continuum.

the jacket I need:  lots of pockets, some zippered.  organic wool melton exterior. silk lining.  zippered front, maybe asymmetrical.  high neck.  loose enough to wear over two sweaters (i can’t stand being cold.)

after much experimentation, I know that wool is the warmest thing to wear. Now I would just love to find more sources for a variety of weights of organic wool jersey…

I made the gloves pattern last week, and just need to make myself a pair.

oh, did you know what glomitts are? me neither till last week.  I am impressed that there even is a word.


☛  the man who reads the electrical meters just told me there are trolls in the basement. but they weren’t hungry today, they’d just eaten their porridge.  good to know.

☛  found this lovely article in the portland arts guide. the photoshoot was back in the summer, so it felt like a nice surprise:

☛  pandora stations this week: portishead and Erik Satie.

☛  new obsession: Machinarium. I’m not even a video game player, but this game just makes me happy.  it’s all puzzles, no requirements for hand-eye coordination.  and the main character is this adorable little robot.  it’s actually a robot love story.  the soundtrack is soothing.


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