i love to think about storage solutions, but it takes me forever to implement them. usually because I resist spending money on things like furniture, especially for a work environment.  and I’m not interested in building stuff, unless it’s made of fabric and the only construction tools are thread and a sewing machine.

so here’s a wishlist with diagrams of things I’d love.  if anyone wants to help me.  barter?  here’s what I can offer-  clothes or websites. (I built this one, as well as http://www.locallyknownfoods.com  –  I can do html, css, a little php. no flash.)

and, the cellar is full of scrap wood if you need any.

fabric rolls storage rolling trolleys

so most fabric rolls are five feet long or more.  I need a rolling trolley that can slide under my big table, and has sides about two feet high.  ideally, I’ll have two trolleys. each one will have a footprint of 2.5×4.5 feet, and vertical sides on the long edge that are 22″ feet high.  see diagram.


hanging shelves

this place has beautiful exposed beam ceilings, so it’s easy to hang heavy objects.  These shelves are inspired by this J Morgan Puett piece (look to the left.)  They are airy and collapsible.


miscellaneous wooden boxes

sewing requires trims, and these come in various sizes and shapes.  right now I store these underneath my big table in the cardboard boxes that they shipped in.  It’s an unattractive solution, one I’d like to replace with a series of found and nicely finished wooden boxes.  They don’t have to be perfect or new, just have smooth, clean interiors.

here’s what the mess looks like right now (from it’s worst angle.  it’s kinda embarrassing.)


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  1. Hey Brookie. If you do a search for “fruit boxes” or “fruit crates” you can get a lot of cool ones for pretty cheap on eBay. Could also call or stop into Portland Architectural Salvage (I’d love to go with you) and see what they have right now.

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