talking out at local 188 last night, realized I hardly ever read books anymore….on airplanes perhaps.  lately, I read blogs, and they fall into these categories:

  • personal development & small business blogs
  • economics
  • german-language fashion blogs
  • art & design blogs
  • learning & language acquisition
  • local-  people I know

there is a pretty extensive list through google reader I’m currently following.  I tend to unfollow those that post more than one or two items a day, because it’s frustrating to not keep up.

these are my favorites:

personal development & small-business:

(not a combined category-  these people actually write about personal development and how to grow successful small, location independent businesses.)

the fluent self – she writes about dealing with fears and “stuckness” in an whimsical way

the art of non-conformity–  he is traveling to every country in the world.  great views on remarkable living.

itty-biz–  very smart, amusing writing.


marginal revolution–  these guys post a little more than I can keep up with, but sometimes the links are just incredible.  love the series called “markets in everything.”

predictably irrational– discussions about factoring in irrationality

seth’s blog–  one of the best writers.  conveys important business concepts in a paragraph

german-language fashion blogs

I don’t actually love reading fashion blogs, but I’m trying to learn german, so i follow a number that post exclusively in that language.

vintage jesus fashion


what’s wrong with the zoo

art & design

regretsy–  ouch…lol. eww.

wooster collective

we make money not art

designboom–  I can’t keep up with the posting, but their photos are always big and beautiful

learning & language acquisition

AJATT–  the writer is amusing, verbose, and discusses becoming fluent in japanese-  but the techniques are applicable to other languages or topics

study hacks–  I just found this one.  well written.  some interesting articles for non-students.


overheard in portland–  that’s right, snippets of eavesdropping.  funny thing is, sometimes you can recognize the speakers by the descriptions.

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