I’m not making resolutions this year.

because every year, I make some, and keep almost none of them.

I think the only one I kept last year was to take a vacation.  and start a conversation group for German speakers ( I did get very conversational over the year, though not fluent.  and my accent is not-so-great.)

the thing with resolutions is that priorities change.  sometimes a goal only makes sense because it’s there to mask some other issue.  for instance, like the goal of running 26 miles (which I never did, though I did get up to running ~15 miles.  in february.  when it’s really cold and icy and unpleasant here.)  I don’t particularly like running.  exercise is ok, but I’m just as happy with 3-4 miles or 45 minutes of working out.  I just thought running was a good way to fill up time and a nice winter-anti-depressant.  I could have just as easily gone tanning (vitamin D, not vanity) or traveled someplace warm.  A more accurate goal would have been “find someway not to be depressed and miserable in the maine winter.”

This year I made business goals, and, since during the rest of 2009, say, march through september, I didn’t really exercise at all, in 2010 I’m going to start doing at least something again.

but I can say this:  2010 has started out better than any year ever.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

One thought on “2010

  1. I absolutely love your website and blog, and I come here to find that a kindred spirit is out there achieving her desires. This post is especially perfect, and I second the sentiment about winter depression. I live in Duluth MN. Running is very tough in the winter here, and always in the back of my head…but in the end, accomplishment in any way (work, art, fitness) will suffice to keep me sane. Keep up the beautiful life!

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