despite quite a bit of travel anxiety, the trip itself, all 37 hours, was smooth and not over-tiring. eleven hours on a plane (LHR-BKK) passes fairly quickly, when one has good books and movies on demand.

Traveling with Renee, who knows the country quite well, is a treat.  She likes to eat the same way I do, and my twelve hours or so here have been nicely bracketed by excellent meals, all within a minute walk of the guest house.

it’s very sweet here.

eating vegan is easy in Bangkok, and I’m not worrying about eating raw (as my typical, I don’t trust raw food in restaurants most of the time.)  there is fresh fruit on every corner, and everything is soooo inexpensive.

We had an incredible dinner for two last night-  eight dollars. all vegan-  hot & sour soup, maki rolls with peanut sauce, veggie rolls with cashew sauce, mint tea, thai tea….

and calling the US only costs 3 cents per minute!

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

One thought on “bangkok- and food.

  1. Hello Brook and Renee,

    The food looks fabulous! Thailand may be one of the best countries in the world for you to travel to, Brook, from the looks of that meal. Am so glad that the flight went smoothly and that Renee is able to be such a knowledgeable guide.
    Can hardly wait to see photos of you two on elephants!


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