I had this mistaken idea that Thailand would be, you know, sort of third world compared to the US.  While there are elements of that, when viewed in full, the comfort and conveniences, as well as the modernity and cleanliness far exceed what I expect when traveling in american cities.  It’s just all for about 1/5th of the price of the US and the weather is perfect.

For example… my new glasses.  we walk by a shop, fall in love with a pair of frames.  I decide I want them, and the owner takes the prescription glasses I’m wearing, puts them in a little machine, reads the prescription, and within five minutes hands me my finished new glasses.  All for $140.



Posted by:Brook DeLorme

2 replies on “new glasses

  1. As I said on facebook, these glasses look great on you– and functional souvenirs–especially of the daily use variety!–are truly the best.

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