I’ve gotten quite a few emails in the past few weeks regarding Project Runway, including some from Bunim Murray, the entity responsible for casting the show.

Some background:  I have a retail store combined with my sewing studio on wharf street in Portland.  At least once a week, sometimes everyday, someone walks in for the first time and says “You should be on Project Runway”!  I always respond with the same, “well, thank you, but I’m not at all interested in doing that.”

Much of my work is about having a lifestyle that is integrated and deeply enjoyable.  Participating in a reality TV show sounds like HELL to me.  I don’t even like staying in other people’s houses as a guest; the thought of living with a bunch of strangers is painfully exhausting.  Couple that with sleep deprivation, lack of privacy, and, most likely, bad food + no exercise….I mean, I can think of worse situations, but certainly not one I’d seek out. Additionally, reality tv shows produce more notoriety than fame…and I feel they devalue the designers’ work.

So, Project Runway has been interested in casting someone from Maine.  Many people whom they contacted for suggestions gave my name…which I truly appreciate and find flattering!  But I’m not going to apply for the reasons above.  I appreciate my slow, quiet, thought-filled life.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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