In Thailand I took up eating rice and dropped the raw food diet.

For the two years prior to that I ate almost 100% raw vegan…with the exception of coffee and cooked vegetables in restaurants (to avoid food poisoning, which has been a problem for me with salads, etc, in regular restaurants.)

At first, eating raw felt great.  I lost weight, had plenty of energy, and my residual eating-disordered thought patterns went away.  But after a year or so it didn’t feel so great.  My energy was good, but I got sick frequently, with food poisoning symptoms.  My moods were highly unstable-  not to attribute that to diet; I just want to emphasize that eating raw does not cure depression (one of the many ‘miracles’ attributed to the diet).

But I also started to find it hard to digest some raw foods..especially raw vegetables hurt my stomach.  So I avoided a lot of healthy foods and ate a higher natural sugar (fruit, honey, etc) diet than is ideal.

Traveling to Thailand was a great experience for a number of reasons.  The food, in general, was very clean and fresh.  I was forced to eat very simply:  every day was the same-  fresh fruit, cooked vegetables, rice, and some cashews.  I felt great, and have tried to simulate that diet as much as possible in Portland.

The other strange thing to me has been this:  I now have an aversion to raw restaurants.  After spending a week earlier this month in NYC, where there were many raw vegan restaurants I’d been previously interested in trying, I chose to eat at none of them.  The menus looked too complex and heavy. My favorite restaurant there was a macrobiotic place, Souen.

If I’d continued to feel great eating raw, I would have kept eating that way.  Being isolated into a situation where it wasn’t practical at all (Thailand), and experiencing how much better I felt, well, that gave me a nice opportunity to appreciate the change.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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