and languages I would like to learn, over the next few years:


1. german (conversational, not fluent.  need to visit germany to get fluent, I think.)

2. thai (I’m reading at about a 2nd grade level now, but can’t speak any better than a 3 year old due to lack of people to practice with.)

3. arabic

4. vietnamese

5. french (took this in elementary school and still recall quite a bit.  I think with a minor immersion I could be conversational quickly.)

6. russian

7. something exotic and rare, like finnish or mongolian.

I’m not particularly interested in learning a non-alphabetic language, as you can see.


1. php

2. javascript

If I put anywhere near the effort into learning either of those as I put into Thai, I’d be pretty functional.  and it would be MUCH more useful day to day. I am proficient with html/css, which aren’t really programming languages.


1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

2. Berlin, Germany

3. Finland

4. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam

5. Cairo, Egypt

6. Someplace in France, not Paris.

7. St. Petersburg, Russia

8. Mongolia

9. Stockholm, Sweden

10. Vienna, Austria

11. southwest desert area of the US.  again.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

4 replies on “places I would go…

  1. Brooky, you say “something exotic and rare”…..Well don’t thai & vietnamese fit this desire? Suggestion is to pick 1 and become fluent before reaching for another.

    You say, “I’m not particularly interested in learning a non-alphabetic language”….What is a non-alphabetic language used by humans? This 1 has me scratching my head with major curiosity.

    Suggestions for other places to go Beirut, Jerusalem, Galapagos, Bhutan, Iceland, Marrakesh, Tuscany, Brittany region of France & Kenya…..

    FYI-I love your blog!

  2. fluency is pretty undefined. it ranges from “able to communicate about most non-technical subjects” to “complete and native-like grasp of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, etc…” there’s a big difference between someone who can translate a language and, say, simultaneously interpret. it’s also, generally, pretty difficult to become fluent without a serious immersion experience.

    I’m more interested in the process. I enjoy learning a language, but, after becoming conversational, I don’t really care about fluency.

    japanese and chinese are non-alphabetic in that they use kanji. I think to read a newspaper you need to know 30,000 or so kanji.

  3. Might I also suggest India. It is one of those places that you either love (if you spend enough time there) or hate (if you go for two weeks and travel all over with a hectic tight schedule).

    Have you been?

  4. AHHHH…So the ‘symbols/characters’ in japanese & chinese are not alphabet.I signed up for Mandarin Chinese in grad school and bailed by end of 2 weeks.The ‘kanji’ ran me away.We have something in common…Like you “I’m not particularly interested in learning a non-alphabetic language, as you can see.” You could digest steak tartare before I could digest ‘kanji’.

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