1. a photoshoot:  preview of the lovely Chloe on a rainy wharf street day.  She brought her own shoes, which just seemed to fit with the grey/green/pales color theme.

2. making summer inventory for the store.  There have been a few good weekends so far this summer, with customers from Boston and New York.  I’m sort of used to it now, but most of my retail sales are to people from the big cities.  It’s not a critique of Portland, which I love dearly, but my clothes tend to be on the pricier side and sell better to out-of-staters.

Sometimes I’m surprised by the items that turn out to be great sellers.  I always make clothes I want to wear, and lately this means summer dresses with pockets.  This pocket shift dress (far right below), with or without the coconut shell belt, has done really well.

The other best sellers are always the tall neck dresses-middle (more pockets!)  and the tubeshirts with thumbholes (left).

(you can buy these items by emailing brook@brookthere.com or on etsy!)

3. learning how to make zenphoto themes (updating the 37A site.)  I was pleased to find that zenphoto is organized in a style very similar to wordpress.  however, the documentation seems much less mature, and possibly was written by non-native english speakers.  So, there’s been a lot more wading through php, which is, um, good for me.

4. languages.  I’ve found that translating something I’ve found online or in a book from a foreign language to english is one of the most calming activities I know. I actually use it as a ‘calm-down’ technique when I’m panicking, scared, or otherwise freaking out.  For a while, I was wondering if this is because it activates the right brain, but, nope, seems to be left.  For righties, at least.  which I am.

So I’ve been ‘reading’ (which really means translating onto notepad) “Sternstunden der Menscheit”.  Reading German is still really difficult for me, all the looooong sentences, so this practice helps.

5.  considering acquiring a new camera, specifically one that can do high-res video such as the Canon 5d ii.
I’m interested in making videos about sewing, patternmaking, and design.  More on that later.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

One thought on “lately I’ve been up to:

  1. Brooky, really nice items….You are way ahead of the curve in that you exclaim, “There have been a few good weekends so far this summer”…..But Brooky summer does not start for another week…Now hurricane season has started and I pray it does not get active this year.

    Once again, love your items…..

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