right now, I’m on a typical two day business trip to a mid-western city. (not a fashion-related project.) When I travel to places like this, I know it’s going to be difficult to find vegan food, let alone organic and unprocessed.  I’ve gotten the travel system pretty simplified now, and enough food for a few days can be packed in the top of my backpack.  Were I traveling for longer, or alone, I’d spend time finding the local health food store, but on short trips it becomes really impractical to do anything other than bring food.

the brilliant part about this kit (in my mind!) is that I don’t have to drink coffee black any more….it’s too tricky to travel with liquids of any quantity, and soy milk, while not my preference, isn’t even sold commonly around cities like this.  Coconut milk (from a can) is ultra dense so you need only a few ounces to lighten a number of coffees…
the steel cut oats will become edible just soaked overnight, but I’ve also found that heating water in the in-room coffee maker can be enough.

here’s the kit:

2 small liquid containers, less than 4oz
camping bowl with lid

1 ziplock bag steel cut oats (2 servings, approx 1 cup dry)
sample bag of chia seeds (add to oats)
sample bag of hemp protein powder (add to oats)
coconut milk, 3 oz (carried in small liquid container)
goji berries, 8oz bag
nuts (soaked and dehydrated before trip, 1 ziplock bag)
3 raw food bars
4 oz powdered greens (like vitamineral green, carried in small tupperware-type container)
emergen-C with msm (no sugar)

what I get at the hotel-  bananas, coffee, bottled spring water if possible.


I got lucky on this trip:  we had a very nice meal at a sushi place one night-  so I’ve actually got a lot of the packed food left over.

I’m also pretty determined to always take small enough bags that they not only don’t need to be checked, but they don’t need to be gate checked…most of the planes out of portland are so small that any standard size rolling carry-on will leave your possession upon boarding the plane. So now I just carry my osprey talon 22 liter backpack and a purse.  works better in warmer climates of course.

I always feel lucky that women have such freer clothing choices for conventional business casual dressing.  Were I a man, I’d be dressing inappropriately if I showed up in anything other than slacks, button-shirt, full shoes, and possibly a sport coat.   Whereas all my clothes can be packed into a space of about half a cubic foot…flat small-format shoes (like ballet flats), a skirt, tank top, and button shirt.  I always choose the clothes I think I’ll feel most comfortable in, emotionally-speaking, and they are always purple.  with perhaps touches of coral or black.

(not interested in starting a discussion about appropriateness of clothing for either gender-  my point is this:  knowing what industry and corporate culture you’re entering on a trip is very important for being comfortable, and the goal is not to make a fashion-statement, but rather to connect with colleagues and customers.)

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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