I’m planning to rebuild my men’s line of clothing, increasing the options and color choices, and carrying a selection in store as well as online.

right now the men’s choices are minimal, and I need to make some new photos.

Considering the relatively small selection of styles for men I offer, I get a fair number of inquiries, and all are concerned with buying locally produced, organic items.  This jibes with what a friend who has worked in the men’s fashion industry told me.  He said guys, in general, want to know the story about their clothes (and probably, other possessions.)  The story makes it more interesting, the possessions can align with their values or self-perception.  or something like that.

Since I’m running a business, I look for trends.  My goal isn’t to over-generalize and say “men do this, women do that..” but, my goal is to identify if more men are interested in a certain subject (such as locally made sustainable clothing) –  and then market to it.  And my gut feeling is that they are more interested in it, as a trend, than women-  OR-  there are fewer places they can buy organic clothing. (a likely possibility.)

Since I run a small business, often I use my own perceptions to make business decisions-  even if I can’t prove them.  Like, Portland seems less busy on tuesdays and wednesdays than sundays and mondays.  I need to take two days off in a row…so which ones will I choose?  The less obvious choice is mid-week, but that’s what I do, because my goal is to have shoppers visit.  I’m also noticing that most people buy stuff at noon or between 5 and 630pm on weekdays.  So….I’m considering a siesta.

Same with what men value in clothing vs what women value in clothing….I’ve got a store full of women’s clothes with labels that say “organic cotton” – and customers rarely comment on that fact.  They talk about the cut, the fit, the details.  They do talk about where it’s made and by who, but that’s probably because it’s unusual (as I’m sitting there sewing.)

so-  to both men and women-  what do you look for in clothing?  This is my July project:  redo the men’s line.  Taking suggestions.  I’m much less attached the the men’s line than the women’s :)  so your ideas will probably be seriously considered.  :-)

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

2 replies on “regarding men’s clothing. a question.

  1. I speak as a straight male and some key elements I view are type of fabric ( I like natural fabrics but I do not care if organic); quality of construction; fashion style; color; fit; ease of care & how this digest with me in terms of price.

    Many of the better items I have are exclusive and not easily found…If going jogging it does not matter as much but if getting dressed to style the streets then do not want to wear what many others wear.

    In short, how do I look & feel when wearing the clothes? Why do you make fewer items for men?

  2. I think there are interesting things that could be done that men would apprecciate. I often think updates on classics can be really cool. There could be designers (like you) that offer really sharp blazers, vests, 3 piece suits – things that are classic but new & unique. Men want things that are fashionable without being over stated. I think we look for high quality and classics that will last while still hoping for some details or updating that makes a look current & cool. Think Steve McQueen meets Patrick Jane on the Mentalist and you’ll be on the right track.

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