I just turned off comments for all blog posts prior to 2010…as anyone with a blog knows, sifting through the hundreds of spam comments for the real ones is, well, time consuming.

So it was a bit of a trip down memory lane.  I started this version of the blog about two years ago.  (I’ve had various blogs and a tumblr for perhaps six years, but they’ve gone through transformations, transportations, and the original one, sadly, was destroyed.  permanently.  by me. note to self-  always keep a backup in case you change your mind.  at that time, I intentionally deleted it.  goodbye forever 2004-2007.)

however, it’s also the one year anniversary, or roundabout there, of my shop on wharf street.

So, during the process of turning off comments for ~ 2 years worth of posts, I was reminded of the places I’ve been (mentally and physically) in the past couple of years.

to summarize in a few sentences the things I’ve mostly written about — (there is more to my life than these items, but I don’t write about everything :)

raw food: feel much better physically now that I’ve stopped eating raw.  I’m thinking that all raw for long periods of time doesn’t work for everyone.  still eat vegan.

business: sorting (continually) what sort of business I want to have.  Right now preferring something with low-geographic commitments.

organization: this is just a catch-all word I use for when I’d like to understand something in a concrete sequential kind of way:  i.e. take it apart, analyze the pieces, and put them into pretty boxes.  characterized by quizzes, spreadsheets, databases, and other forms of linear organization.  similar to languages, very calming. used with personality attributes, financial management, minimalism, thoughts & philosophies.  aka RULES

language: have grown to LOVE language learning.  it calms me down.

people: haven’t written much about this, but the past 5 years really have been about learning to be more discerning and discriminating regarding who I let into my life.

(ironically, I rarely write about fashion-  or even think about it.)

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

3 replies on “historical perspective

  1. yes, I make vegan sushi! my recipe is pretty simple:

    fresh avocado + fresh basil for fillings
    sushi rice, prepared with some brown rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil, still warm

    wrap them all together and enjoy.

    the really good wasabi mix I found is called “sushi sonic real wasabi.” at whole foods.

  2. I tried the sonic wasabi. It was really good if you let it steep for a little while. I wonder if in maine wasabi can be grown?

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