Here’s the specs:

  • 5’6″ long
  • ~25oz 850 fp down
  • total weight 2 lbs 6oz
  • total cost (not including my time/labor) $330 (all materials including shipping.)

based on that, I’m figuring it’s about a 5 to zero degree bag.

So, the summary is….it’s not much cheaper to make it yourself.  (something similar, made in the US, goes for about $500.) however, we were both really proud of how the bags turned out-  they look professional and nobody would be able to tell they were homemade.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

2 replies on “DIY sleeping bag- complete

    1. it was much more complicated than I expected! Young and I made a good team- he figured out what elements we needed (sourced the fabrics and down, explained to me what baffles are, figured out how to handle the down, etc) and I provided sewing and pattern-making support.

      My actual pattern-making, sewing, and general construction time was probably about 20 hours. Which isn’t terrible for the first time making a technical object, and would probably drop to 4 or 5 if we were to make multiples!

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