I don’t know why, but it takes me a couple of days just to prepare to leave the country.  I usually make some new clothes…on travel for business, like this, it requires preparatory meetings and presentation development…then finishing up every loose end-  do financials, call credit card companies, get currency, update cellphone plan, clean, organize my technology, pack fastidiously- since I don’t want to bring one extra ounce, and don’t particularly enjoy shopping en route….

This morning I dropped Young off on Badger Island-  which is the beginning of route one in maine, and, incidentally, Badger is his animal totem.  He’s going to walk route one up the coast (hence the sleeping bag project.)

And I’m going to Belgium tomorrow, then driving over to Berlin next week.  As usual, here’s my packing photos.  I’ve got the kit down to 25 lbs carried (and probably another 2 worn).  The macbook pro, unfortunately, is 25% of the weight, but I miss my computer so much when I’m away….  I much prefer backpacks to wheel-luggage.

yes, I’m bringing two GPS devices.  More on that tomorrow. no camera this trip, just my phone (which took all these photos.)

left of the shoes:  my plane outfit.  to the right:  going in the backpack. I have a couple professional meetings, so need nice clothes.  hence the pretty shoes.

I just found out it’s actually fall in europe, so I’m hoping this will be warm enough.

this is my first time using stuff sacks.  All those clothes from the previous image are now in those two stuff sacks (which I borrowed from my bivy and thermarest sleeping pad)

food, books, etc.  I want to walk a lot around the cities, and have a new plan for keeping my feet intact-  those injini toe socks (awesome!), my simple sneakers, and that moleskin pack.  I’m not really carrying that much food this trip, because I’m going to be in big cities and have enough time…

the finished kit.  The yellow backpack is a 22 liter size.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

2 replies on “travel day

    1. hey Meredith! I miss you guys too…I was thinking about how we used to hang out recently. :) yes! Let’s make sure to get together later this month…I’ll be back the last week in September…

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