I had a psychic reading done recently.  She reads via email, which works really well for my personality (the one time I went to a psychic in person I almost had a panic attack.)

the general gist of the reading was that it’s deeply important, imperative, for me to focus on my creative path in order to have a happy and fulfilling life.  and to stop ‘hiding’ behind things and activities that don’t relate to that.  to quote: “organize yourself and your life to serve this creative power.”

what an awesome re-affirmation.  it feels like an attractive path:  i.e. I’m attracted to it.

There’s this thing: many people probably see me as an artist/ designer–  i.e. a right-brain type.  While I have that facility, it’s really something that is turned on and off.  When I’m creating or designing, it’s on, and the rest of the time, my left-brain takes over.  I wish I could turn that off, because often it makes me miserable.  (an aside, more than half of my friends end up being INTJs– same as me.  This is statistically improbable, since INTJs make up only about 3% of the population.  The rest of my friends end up being INFPs or ENFPs, which is on the opposite side of the spectrum.  opposites attract.  I wrote about the meyers briggs thing here before…but it’s continued to be true with new people I meet.)

The point being-  I often veer far too far to the left-brain analytical organizational practical obsessive side of things. So her advice, to really be the creative persona most of the time, makes a lot of sense if I’m seeking happiness.

which i am.

another point she made, which struck me:  “Emotions should be only 10% of the whole experience.”  What?  seriously?  I feel like emotions overwhelm my state and run at 70-80% of the experience.  The very idea that it could be different had never even occurred to me.

In fact, I made this list this morning, and then laughed at myself for how analytical it is:

  • physical 22%
  • intellectual 24%
  • emotional 10%
  • energetic 22%
  • spiritual 22%

(does that add up to 100%?)  Because what else am I supposed to think about or experience if not feelings? (irony, there.  irony.)

example of the constant analysis:  my journal this morning.  It’s primarily an observation of how I haven’t been studying languages for the past couple weeks. but, of course, since I’m not fluent in either thai or german, the analysis lacks depth, and is actually just language practice.

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  1. You are brilliant! It makes me happy to know I will soon be living in the wonderful city of Portland (this fall) and be surrounded by such creative women like you. I cannot wait to see your beautiful shop! All good wishes and much happiness.

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