Since getting here, I’ve really felt the need for a phrasebook, because while I can string words together, unless they are used in ‘normal’ way, people stare blankly.

Like:  getting food “to go”  –  in deutsch the correct phrasing is actually “to take with” (zum mitnehmen)  — if you say “zu gehen”  it makes no sense…

Or-  “how late are you open?”  only “bis Uhr?”  (till what time?) seems to work   –  not “wie spät sind Sie geöffnet?”  (how late are you open?)

I also found out that, at the asian place I’ve been getting sushi-  one MUST order by the item number…the employees are unfamiliar with the names of the dishes.  When I ordered “avocado sushi maki”  (all the words are identical german and english)  it came with salmon & avocado (ugh.)

So I just bought a travel phrasebook-  but the great thing is I found one for German native speakers who want to speak english.  I’ve long suspected that traveler phrasebooks are improperly translated to the target language.  I would find errors in the thai book I had, and I’m seeing errors in this one as well.  So-  buying one where the native tongue is german assures that the german, at least, will be correct!

check out the second line: "Es ist schwül" would be properly translated as "it is muggy"
Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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