I want to redo my kitchen.

but… it’s mostly still functional.  just ugly.  dated.

how can I make it new/ fresh without throwing away decent appliances and creating extra waste?



things I’m tired of:

  • the off-white/ orange color scheme
  • the wood edging around the cabinets
  • the laminate countertops

The fridge is the only new appliance.  all the others are originals from when these condos were built, circa early nineties.  I had to get a new fridge because the old one literally wore out.

I know what I’d do if starting completely fresh:  bright white everything-  none of this off-white stuff.  poured concrete countertops (can you get that in white?), some white tiles around the edges in an abstract pattern.  pale wood floor. interiors of the cabinets would be white too.

thus the struggle between minimalism and aesthetics continues….

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

2 replies on “low-impact remodeling

  1. Hmm…Well, almost all of those items can be recyled, from the cabinets to the countertops, so there’s a minimalist approach right there. PLUS, if you get a new dishwaser and stove those will be both energy and water efficient to today’s standards. Linoleum tile is bad for you for many reasons…not just the color, so you could replace that with a lovely and renewable bamboo floor (wood!? Hah!) I like the concrete countertop idea, but be sure to get an undermount sink! I kick myself for not getting one. When do you want to start? :)

    1. You can rip out cabinets & old appliances & donate to habitat for humanity restore or similar. Not sure why Chris thinks linoleum is bad, it is basically linseed oil & cork, modern linoleum is a pretty green product. Old lino might have contained asbestos, but that looks too new, besides it looks like your floor is vinyl composite – which also could contain asbestos but only if it’s vintage. How much do want to do/spend? Budget version: paint the existing cabinets, including the wood, in a glossy white, perhaps remove some/all upper doors for open storage. You can also paint the floor, although I think the floor could be ok once the rest is brightened up.

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