in my about page I described my relationship to fashion as a bit ‘complicated’….    It’s taken me many years to figure out what I enjoy and what I can’t stand (and thus don’t participate in.) But I can say it in two sentences:  I love making clothes.  I don’t enjoy the rest of the fashion machine.

here’s what I love:

  • -sewing clothes
  • -fabric
  • -color
  • -having unique, one of a kind things to wear
  • -interacting with people who really ‘get’ what I’m doing
  • -combined store/studio/workspace only 2 blocks from my house
  • -etsy
  • -low-impact
  • -casting from the street (non-pro models)

and what I’m not so crazy about:

  • -fashion shows
  • -tradeshows
  • -celebrities
  • -mass-production
  • -linesheets
  • -parties (with more than 8 people)
  • -google ads
  • -seasons
  • -wastefulness
  • -synthetics
  • -project runway
  • -models
Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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