I asked my mom what I was like as a baby and little child the other day.  She said

“well, when you first emerged, you didn’t cry, just made a little cooing sound.

at about age two you started really getting ‘idee fixe’, a fixation on some topic which you’d then talk about for a couple hours non-stop.

and the drawing started very early.  you were always drawing.  I remember there was one series when you were quite young of the family members looking out of windows.

and you were always able to entertain yourself, even though we lived in this rural setting without many other kids around.  You could play happily alone for hours.

there was that terrible temper tantrum when you were five…”

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

3 replies on “as a child…

  1. I just looked up adorable in ‘DK’s Illustrated OXFORD DICTIONARY’ & there is the photo of ‘Brooky In A Basket’. Is the 2010 version available for takeout?

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