the attempted landings

I was on a plane flight last week that frightened me greatly.  I debated on posting this for a while, hence the time lag between the post and the occurrence.

During the flight situation, in the middle of the night, after we were diverted to Logan and were parked outside of the terminal, I noticed how much innate trust and respect most people seem to have for authority figures (in this case, the pilots and crew.)  Maybe respect is the wrong word.  I’m thinking more of something along the lines of submissiveness.

granted, it was 2am.  everyone was really tired.  but I don’t think we would have gotten off that plane if two people (myself and another man) hadn’t agitated and demanded to be allowed to leave.  The crew really didn’t want to help us out.  I wonder if other agitators would have emerged had the passenger list been different.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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  1. Latest Zagat survey:
    Best check-in experience: Southwest Airlines
    Best large domestic premium class: Continental Airlines
    Best large domestic economy class: JetBlue Airways
    Best midsize domestic premium and economy classes: Virgin America
    Best international premium and economy classes: Singapore Airlines

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