the new dressing room and awesome mirror shelving unit

Young and I have been redoing my studio recently, with more changes planned for the slow months of january and february.  really, he’s been doing the work & conceptualizing, and I’ve been agreeing to the costs.  because, left to my own devices, nothing would happen.

the back view of the mirror shelving unit- all reclaimed wood
I actually did make the curtains...

because I don’t like interior decorating.  the only things I really like doing are sewing and website making.

in theory, the idea of doing wood work or being able to use a drill and hammer is appealing, in practicality I’ll do a lot to avoid it. thumbtacks are really the extent of my decorating approach.  and free stuff.

I lived in this condo for 8 years before I did any decorating, then in a burst 3 years ago had the walls painted and bought some furniture I liked.

I’ve wondered if it’s a lack of nesting instinct. ;)

the image had a tilt-shift setting applied...I don't actually live in a mini house. tilt-shift view makes even a messy house look beautiful.

so where am I going with this thought….

passion & focus.  if I’m really honest, there’s only a couple areas of my business I’m passionate about, and so there’s only a couple areas that get my attention.  those are:  sewing/design, & the web.  I enjoy having a store primarily because it means I don’t have to really sell, and I learn more about how clothes fit real people.  but, if you’ve ever been shopping here, you’ll notice my approach to ‘sales’ can be really low impact.  perhaps too low impact.  half the time I don’t even talk to the people who come in…it’s shyness, not unfriendliness, by the way.  and absorption in the stuff I’m already working on…

the extent of the focus is such that I really barely think about the interior aspect of the store…and it’s only when friends bring up the fact that, you know, perhaps the window displays could use some work….

the best thing about working with Young is that I don’t have to explain any of the aesthetic I am looking for.  He’s able to understand, interpret and actualize it perfectly, with minimal interaction from me.

the window display I've had up for a while now. sometimes I rearrange the rocks. it's sort of based on this feng shui table display I saw in a sushi place in berlin- jars of water, rocks, money, candles, and flowers.
Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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