I go in for the low-impact approach when trying to share my work.

When I see a twitter or facebook stream that’s 90% marketing-  it’s a turn off. I start with the assumption I’m not going to like the product. it’s such a fine line between being visible and being annoying.

Recently Groupon.com started selling advertising in Portland (they do location-specific targeted coupons.)  I got a call from one of their reps shortly before they opened the portland market.  being curious, I agreed to look over their advertising agreement. But it was the holiday season…so I didn’t get around to it.  Till today, and I realized that it’s a VERY long contract (which I still haven’t read.)

here’s what turned me off though:  the phone calls.  The groupon rep called me almost daily, and I refused to answer the phone.  For a month. She was sweet & kind, but I don’t feel like dealing with a company whose policy involves calling prospects on a daily basis.

granted, I’m a bit of a phone-phobe, and frequently let calls go to voicemail so I can find out why someone is calling before I have to talk to them.

Typically, I have an “I don’t advertise” policy.  This is mostly 100% true-  I bought a “thank you portland” ad in the phoenix last year for being voted best women’s clothing store… and I buy occasional etsy promotional things, as well as renewing on etsy frequently-  but these are easy to track as sales jump, so I consider it well-spent & safely spent money.

There are other things that can be a real mood down-grader for me from marketers-  like being addressed as Mr. DeLorme.  Especially if it’s a personal email.  2 seconds on google and you can easily see I’m female (there’s also practically no reference to any other “brook delorme” persons on the internet.)

granted, I don’t get the Mr. DeLorme thing much in the fashion business, but I have plenty in other worlds.

One of my favorite books-  Pattern Recognition by William Gibson-  was about a woman who was allergic to advertising…the better the branding, the more sick she would get.  It turned out to be sorta psychosomatic, but she was able to translate it into a career identifying branding approaches that would be effective.

I don’t mind non-invasive, attractive advertising.  Such as the first 20 pages of a Vogue magazine-  they don’t bounce, don’t make noise, are well executed, and only visible if I pick up the copy.

like most people my age or younger, I don’t even notice the ads on facebook or google-  unless I’m shopping, and then intentionally glance at them.

but here’s the flip side:  there are advertising campaigns I’ve LOVED, and subsequently bought.  Like the mini cooper campaign 5-6 years ago.  So maybe, just maybe, those advertisers know more than I do, and there’s someone out there who’s going to love being called every day, or ugly political ads, or boring car commercials.  (that was sarcasm.  obviously, they know and tap into a market I’m not reaching or perceiving.  because it’s working for them.)

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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