I recently updated my clothing care policy and thought it might be interesting to add here-  this is more for information than anything else.  I tend to think most people wear clothing without washing it first…some commercial fabrics & clothing come with chemical finishes.  wash those off before wearing!

By the way, there are a lot of laws regarding clothing fiber content and care labeling.  Especially with care labeling, sometimes the garment is labeled legally with a method I personally wouldn’t use.  For instance, tailored garments are labeled with dry cleaning as the care method.  I don’t do that myself, because it’s chemically intensive.  I would spot clean a garment, hand wash it, or hang it outside for freshening rather than dry clean.

from my etsy policies page:


Clothing Care:

Any garment I offer made of a stretchy non-wool fabric is pre-shrunk. (organic cotton jersey & interlock, bamboo, soy). Wool garments MUST be washed in cold water, preferably by hand, and dried flat….wool, by nature, will felt if it is heated up!

Some garments, due to the nature of their construction- i.e. a more tailored style- recommend dry cleaning. If you are confident in your ability to spot clean, go right ahead- the fabrics will handle it fine! Tailored styles shouldn’t be put through the washing machine. I personally avoid dry-cleaning as it can be very chemically intensive.

I pre-wash most fabrics with natural detergents (seventh generation) & tumble dry. This is to pre-shrink the fabric and in some cases part of the dying process. I dye fabrics with low-impact, permanent fiber-reactive dyes.

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