recently, I dropped almost all of my prices.

this was through a lot of new costing calculations, and decision to stop pricing for the potential of wholesale.

most people know that wholesale pricing runs at approximately half of retail.  & industry advice to a fashion designer (or any craftsperson/ artisan, for that matter)  is to never underprice your wholesale customers even if you are selling through your own site.

when I started brook there, I did sell wholesale, but I haven’t for over a year, and I have done absolutely zero marketing to try to get new wholesale customers.  Plus, the typical way clothing retail store buyers buy is via tradeshows/ markets…a venue I’ve always avoided.  I’ve visited tradeshows, & they overwhelm me.  I have trouble imagining surviving in that atmosphere, and SELLING for 3 days straight.  It sounds exhausting.

plus, tradeshows are expensive (a couple thousand dollars to over $5k.)  And that doesn’t include hotel, travel, etc expenses.

moreover, I like the immediate feedback from dealing with customers one-on-one. I’ve learned so much more from having this retail store & selling through etsy than I did from wholesale. the feedback loop is much faster and more detailed with one-to-one selling.

So…visit etsy or the store on wharf street.  & check out the new, lower pricing!

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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