when I wrote that post the other day, I got a chance peek back at some of my old drawings.  and thought, “hmm, those are pretty good.  and they are sitting in portfolios in my closet.”

and then I thought “maybe I’ll go look at them” & pulled them out of the closet.

and then “maybe I’ll list them on etsy.”

So, for about an hour yesterday morning I photographed drawings, set up a new shop, and started listing.  (everything is going in a new shop because the shipping requirements for drawings and clothing are quite different.  plus, shop cohesion makes selling easier.)

and within an hour of listing, had sold three drawings.  I am THRILLED.

funny thing is that the foretellers of this reclaiming of the artist side have been going on for a couple months.  first, it started with the psychic reading in september.  She emphasized, over and over, how important it was for me to embrace my creative force and live through it.  how that was the only path to happiness for me.

then I’ve had this box called “free drawings” on my desk at work for about a month now.  & people are a little mystified by it.  because free doesn’t make sense.  The sketches are little, about 4″ x 8″.  They got a bit of attention at the last opening, one person asking me to sign a piece to his daughter; another girl asked me to make a sketch of her right then (which I happily did.)

and then, when I browse etsy, I am by far the most inspired by artists.  illustrators, painters.  And they seem to be selling fairly well on etsy.

So, let’s see how it adds up:

1.  closet full of portfolios with drawings and paintings that I still think are pretty good.

2.  already really familiar with the selling platform & shipping procedures

3. extremely minor marginal costs (i.e. the time needed to pack & ship is the only additional cost…and I’ve got shipping streamlined.  Plus I go to the post office almost everyday already.  )

4.  hints everywhere that I need to start showing this stuff.

It seems obvious doesn’t it?

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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