i love cooking now.  recently I bought a set of nice knives, some japanese type from william sonoma.  beautiful, and an experience considering I’ve never had even a chef’s knife before (and now there’s a paring knife, a bread knife, a sharpener…).

mostly, I cook some variation on asian food, stir-fry with eggs.  I like cheese now too.  There’s a 25 pound bag of rice in the cupboard.  I stopped eating mostly raw vegan a year ago, and resumed plain vegetarian eating six months ago.  I feel really good, and my friends appreciate the flexibility ;)

There were two aspects about eating raw that just didn’t work for me-  one was physical-  I experienced food poisoning symptoms frequently-  and the other emotional.  It creates a divide between oneself and most others that really isn’t necessary.  & while there is a huge raw food internet culture, and in bigger cities a community that really does represent like interests, there wasn’t a big enough real world community in Portland.  Young tolerated it, but has been very appreciative of my return to vegetarianism.

But it’s funny how raw food & purity still has that allure!  just today I read an article in the latest new york times style magazine-  about raw food and juicing–  and had the feeling of “oooh, I should try that…”  even though it’s familiar territory and I know I don’t want to do it again.

These days, a typical menu is:

  • tropical fruit and coffee with soy or coconut creamer. a scoop of peanut butter sometimes.
  • soy latte from arabica.
  • fried egg + cheese + tortilla at work (I have a single electric burner and use camping cookware ;)
  • chocolate.  I love chocolate and eat a surprising amount.
  • homemade chocolate cookie (I’ve been making bunches of these. another surprising domestic tendency)
  • dinner:  stir fried vegetables, rice or rice noodles, and another egg.
  • chocolate.

Compare that to this (traveling) menu from the raw food days.

For a lot of people, of course, raw food is about losing weight.  I did at first, but I was also going through a breakup at the time and always lose weight during those periods…Over the two years eating raw, I regained to my normal weight.  In the past year, since I stopped eating raw I certainly haven’t gained weight, and since I started eating vegetarian, I’ve lost a little.  It’s possibly that eating vegetarian satiates on fewer calories, but I don’t know for sure since I haven’t been counting.  (and I don’t literally weigh myself, but, since I make clothing, I always know what size I am, and need to know pretty precisely since I use myself as a fit model-  i.e. anytime I make a new pattern I need to properly identify the sizing.)

for others, raw food is about becoming healthier or overcoming disease.  I was healthy when I started, so this is a little unmeasurable.  Clearly, however, the food-poisoning type symptoms were impractical to frequently deal with, and since eating cooked removed them, eating raw wasn’t worth it for me.

Incidentally, I also stopped exercising about two years ago, except for walking (which is infrequent in the winter.)  I am actively thankful I don’t go to the gym anymore, and internally shudder at the thought of that environment.  I don’t miss running or weight training.  both activities are currently wrapped up with angry memories.  things might change in the future, but very happy to let them go for now.

The svaroopa yoga therapy I’ve been doing is really that-  therapy, on a gentle physical level, and involves almost no movement.  And I’m starting to understand, at least on an intellectual level, the extradinary benefit to body relaxation and increased ability to breathe.


here’s how to make hard-boiled fried curry eggs, one of the local favorites (Young’s recipe):

hard-boil a few eggs, peel.
in cast-iron pan with 2” tall or higher edges, heat up some olive oil
fry the hard boiled eggs in the oil, spinning them frequently so all sides get a little brown and crispy
add a can of coconut milk and a can of curry (the type we get are from whole foods-  the curry cans are about 6 or 8 ounces.)  stir everything till blended.
cook the eggs in the curry sauce for several minutes, spinning and rotating them frequently.

You can then add veggie stir fry (cook it separately first) to the curry sauce, or pour it over rice, etc.  keeps for a few days in the fridge.


Ok, the pic is kind of ugly, but you get the picture.

Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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