yes, there’s a bunch of new ideas underway.


for the first time in years, I feel as though I’m actually working near potential, instead of just functioning at a fraction of what I’ve known was possible.

Hence the radio-silence.  There’s been a great deal of behind-the-scenes effort that has resulted in little writing online for the past six months.

plus, I’ve been pretty happy.  and focused on the real world, not the internets worlds.

So, watch this space for transformation over the next couple of months.  I’m refocusing how I work in several ways:

– this company, brook there, is shifting towards lingerie and loungewear.  It’s always been what sells best online, and I’d like to streamline that process.  This is going to mean more items in inventory, sewn for me by local sewers.  I’m realizing i need to take my actual hands out of the handwork in order for this company to grow.  (of course.)

– I’m developing a couple other sewn products lines, both alone and in partnership. Depending on how these conceptually relate to brook there, I might be announcing them here over the next 6 months.

-perhaps key, I’m working with other people.  This has its challenges for me, which I’ve mentioned before, but overall it’s been incredibly motivating and inspiring.





Posted by:Brook DeLorme

3 replies on “new years. new plans

  1. Woohoo, progress! ;)

    Looking forward to seeing where working with other people and handing off certain tasks takes you. I suspect it will be predominantly positive.

    Congrats on nearing potential.

    1. so nice to hear from you Karol, and happy new year :) thank you!

      and excited to keep following your journey & projects. yay it was (only) panic attacks. you’re good at the drama. ;)

      noticed your travel schedule has you in tx early march. daniel (who you met on the boat) and I might be in marfa area around then. we should keep in touch. marfa is supposed to be the coolest!

      1. Yes! I’ll be in Dallas for 3 days. Part business trip & part “if I’m going to come back to the US in 2012 I’m at least going to stay with enough time to stock up on Dr Bronner’s.”

        Drama: Yes, but aren’t we all. ;)

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