Recently I retired a whole crew of old sweaters.  the sleeves got turned into these awesome gauntlet leggings, which I now wear everyday.

here’s how:

1. these were all cashmere sweaters, not the 1980s era cashmere that never pills, but the late 2000s cashmere that wears out quickly.  These sweaters were showing their age after 3 years of wear….  so I semi-felted them with a warm water wash and tumble dry.  tread carefully with this one, because they will shrink some….

2. cut off the entire sleeve, including the curve that makes the sleeve cap.  This part makes the gauntlet- knee cover bit.  I lessened the curve of the caps a little, but this depends on your sweater style.

3. trim with zigzag stitch and elastic.  I used foldover elastic, which is the same type of trim I use for underwear and lingerie.  It binds the fabric so fraying can’t happen, and creates a really clean finish.

4. make something else from the body of the sweater.  (I’ll be making cashmere panties, but it would also be great for stuffed animals, vests, or camisoles….)



Posted by:Brook DeLorme

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